Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina: Questions for Inerrant Boy 

The Amazin' Froomkin makes a great start:

Among the questions being asked around Washington and the blogosphere this morning:

* If the reason Bush returned to Washington is that he is more effective here, then why didn't he come back two days ago?

* If the White House considers the return from vacation largely symbolic, then what is the symbolism of his long vacation during a war?

* Could Bush and the federal government have done more to prepare for hurricane recovery? Unlike the Asian tsunami, this hurricane was forecast days ahead of time.

* Did any of his previous budget decisions allow the hurricane to cause more damage than it might have otherwise?

* Are National Guard troops and equipment required to restore order in this country many thousands of miles away. [Interesting ".". This isn't a question, is it?]

* Will he and his administration meet this disaster quickly and effective with the appropriate civilian and military resources and manpower?

* Will the White House provide the bold leadership and vision that the nation requires?
(via WaPo)

Dunno about the last question, though. The last thing we want from President Shit Magnet, at this point, is "bold leadership" into another quagmire.

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