Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Clusterfuck: Army Corps of Engineers fails to drop sandbags at 17th Street levee; Bush still on vacation 


8:04 P.M. - Mayor Nagin: Unhappy that the helicopters slated to drop 3,000-pound bags into the levee never showed up to stop the flow of water. Too many chiefs calling shots he says.

7:59 P.M. - Mayor Nagin: Pumps at 17th street canal has failed and water will continue pouring into the city. Nine feet of water is expected on St. Charles Avenue that will be nine feet high. Water is expected to spread throughout the east bank of Orleans and possibly Jefferson Parish.

6:41 P.M. - Efforts to stop the levee break at the 17th Street Canal have ended unsuccessfully and the water is expected to soon overwhelm the pumps in that area, allowing water to pour into the east bank of Metairie and Orleans to an expected height of 12-15 feet.

1:30 P.M. Some six-thousand National Guard personnel from Louisiana and Mississippi who would otherwise be available to help deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are in Iraq.

Even so, Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said the states have adequate National Guard units to handle the hurricane needs.

11:54 A.M. - Kenner mayor asking for more National Guard.

11:21 A.M. (AP) - The White House says President Bush is cutting short his vacation to return to Washington [tomorrow] to monitor the hurricane recovery efforts.

11:01 A.M. - Break in 17th Street Canal Levee is now 200 feet wide and slowly flooding the City of New Orleans. Huge sand bags are being airlifted to try to stem the rush of water in that area.

11:01 A.M., the sandbags are going to get dropped at the 17th Street Level (the level that broke because Bush slashed the funding to maintain it (back)).

8:04 P.M, the sandbags haven't been dropped, and New Orleans is about to be flooded with 9 feet of water.

So who's accountable for not dropping the sandbags?

Why, Bush's own, Federal, Army Corp of Engineers.

Meanwhile, Louisiana's own National Guard (what remains of it) attempts to fill the gap with concrete highway barriers.

Let's pray to God, as we understand God, for them.

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