Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hillary: If you can't lick 'em, join 'em 

Who said triangulation was dead? Party like it's 1996! AP's Ron Fournier:

One Clinton jets to Alaska and Iraq with Republicans, and enthusiastically sponsors legislation with GOP lawmakers who impeached her husband. The other plays golf with former President Bush and accepts assignments from the current one.

Sen. Clinton flew to Alaska last week with a Senate delegation that included Republicans John McCain of Arizona, a potential 2008 candidate, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who as a member of the House in 1998 helped present the case for impeachment.

She also traveled with both Republicans - the three serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee - to Iraq seven months ago, a trip that aides hoped would establish her as a terrorism hawk.

Clinton and the elder Bush have forged an almost familial relationship, according to some Clinton associates who say he has long sought a father figure. Others say the bond is due more to the fact that Clinton and Bush belong to an exclusive club of ex-presidents.

What else is driving the Clintons into the arms of Republicans? They understand that voters are tired of gridlock and partisanship, so reaching out to the GOP can help their causes and further their ambitions. For the ex-president there is also the part of his personality that hungers to convert enemies into friends, critics into colleagues.
(via AP)

God knows, I want a Democrat in the White House, and part of me chortles at the picture of the wingers frothing and stamping at our first woman President...

But still.... The impeachment proceedings were part of a slow-moving, media-fuelled, winger-funded coup against a Democratic elected President—a coup which, if you think of Florida 2000 as part of the gameplan, succeeded.

So, do you really want to hang out in the same beer halls these putschers hang out in? Hillary, and you DLC types, WTF?

NOTE Not that I would want to lick Lindsay Graham anyhow. Eew.

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