Thursday, August 25, 2005

Forget All This 

Animal%20021%20-%20turkeys But then you may rather not deal with the rising tide of putrescent media offal filling up our nation's public avenues of discourse with commerce, government, and hog fighting, and you may be sick of hearing about the numerous crucifixions and imprisonings of Christians across the country, or their endless besigement as noted by the tender pleadings of peacemonger Pat Robertson or his brethren-under-the-skin like Gary North, Larry Pratt, Rousas John Rushdoony, , and Andrew Saldlin. And in that case I say, get thee hence to The Unencyclopedia, where they roll in the dying carcass of what's left of television "entertainment", and make you enjoy it, too:
"E(xtreme)M(akeover):H(ome)E(dition) was a popular TV show airing during the early part of the 21st century. Every week, for an excruciating 60 minutes, the show embarrassed average people down on their luck by exploiting them for higher ratings and lucrative endorsement deals. The presumed premise of the show was to give a deserving family a ridiculously expensive mansion, fashionable furniture, drug money, pimped-out car and a closet full of designer shoes for free. But the real premise of EM:HE was to showcase the acting of the moderately talented cast members.
Close-ups during highly emotional segments were de rigueur, especially when crocodile tears were flowing with reckless abandon. In a recent episode, homeless shelter residents were forced at gunpoint to shop for winter clothing at a local Wal-Mart. Upon exiting the store, the poor folks were publicly humiliated when EM:HE cast and crew played a game of "Frisk the Indigent Shopper."
At the end of each episode, Donald Trump would show up with a meat-ball pizza and fire the family. The producers then took everything back and moved the family out as part of a government-sponsored witness relocation program. All products used on the show were sold for pennies on the dollar on eBay, with the proceeds going to Ty Pennington's Hair Plug Fund. "
You don't have to put up with all this bad news. Go enjoy yourself.

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