Saturday, August 13, 2005

American Top 50! 

It's always nice to be noticed. Especially by the Inkwire:

Chris Bowers, a progressive local blogger and former political consultant, calls Philadelphia "arguably the lefty blogging capital" of the country. How so? He has just finished a study for NDN, a Democratic group. Based on stats kept by Blogads.com, a site that manages and tracks blog advertising, he found that 10 of the 50 most-popular liberal sites are written here.

The list would start with Eschaton and include Bowers' My DD, Whiskey Bar, the Booman Tribune, Fables of the Reconstruction, Suburban Guerrilla, the All Spin Zone, Corrente, the Rittenhouse Review, and the Tattered Coat, he says. Not all take Blogads; he used other traffic indicators as well.
(via Inquirer)

"As long as they spell the name right...."

Meaning, let's take the mentions we get... Sure, we're from all around the country, not just Philly, and The Mighty Corrente Building is simply too mighty to be confined to a merely terrestrial location, but hey, it's always nice to see the name in print.

There are other interesting facts in the article—like Atrios has 120,000 readers a day, where we get, say, 2000. That's what, three orders of magnitude? Showing what we already know, that the network of internet linkages follows a power curve; a few behemoths, and then the "long tail." Meaning, I think, that we're going to have to display adaptability and learn to develop new forms of linkage. Perhaps more point to point (i.e., local to local) than hub and spoke (where the guys at the top of the power curve are hubs). Since, after all, the traffic is just a means to the end of spreading the message. Kinda like, oh, Committees of Correspondence. Brings me back to the old E.P. Thompson days....

NOTE I'm convinced, though without evidence, that the left blogosphere has been instrumental to the mysterious inability of the malAdministration to get traction after "election" 2004. Slowly but surely we are getting people to think critically. That's done on a very granular level. I don't think it's sufficient for only the top 10 or the top 40 to be sending a message, it has to be pervasive at all scales.

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