Monday, August 22, 2005

Alpo Accounts: Just because Bush screwed the pooch doesn't mean the Republicans aren't still trying to fuck us 

As usual, the Beltway Dems didn't hammer home the fact that we beat Bush and won the first battle on Social Security. So now we're going to have to climb the mountain all over again.

And pray God no bills ever come to the floor. Because if a Social Security "reform" [gag] bill ever reaches a conference committee, Republican abuse of power will mean that the entire program is doomed.

[Rove is] planning Bush's fall agenda, which will include a renewed push for Social Security overhaul.
(via WaPo)

The Republicans just never stop, do they? They're like zombies, always marching forward...
Je repete:

The Democrats have a plan. It's called "Social Security."

The Republicans have a plan. It's called "hand your guaranteed retirement over to our campaign contributors from Wall Street."

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