Monday, July 11, 2005

Well, now we have an Iraq deadline: Before the 2006 midterms! 

As we said (back):
Rove's plan has two parts:
  1. Cut loose from Iraq before the 2006 elections
  2. Blame the Democrats for the ensuing clusterfuck

Part deux came into view first, as Rove rolled out his "stab in the back" rhetoric (back)

Now Part One comes into view, from yet another British memo:

The United States and Britain are drawing up plans to withdraw the majority of their troops from Iraq by the middle of next year, according to a secret memo written for British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Defense Secretary John Reid.

The paper, which is marked "Secret -- UK Eyes Only," said "emerging U.S. plans assume that 14 out of 18 provinces could be handed over to Iraqi control by early 2006," allowing a reduction in overall U.S.-led forces in Iraq to 66,000 troops. The troop level is now at about 160,000, including 138,000 American troops, according to a military spokesman in Baghdad.

The undated memo, which was reported in the newspaper The Mail on Sunday, stated that "current U.S. political military thinking is still evolving. But there is a strong U.S. military desire for significant force reductions to bring relief to overall U.S. commitment levels."
(via WaPo

"Strong military desire"? Because Bush broke the army....

Bush "fixed the intelligence and the facts around the policy" to get us into the war, to win the 2002 midterms, and now, to win the 2006 midterms, He's going to pull us out...

Can there be anything more shameful and disgusting?

NOTE One wonders whether the same propaganda apparatus identified by Colonel Gardiner (back) (50 planted story lines in the run-up to the war) will be used to generate the necessary "feel good" stories about Iraqi re-construction....

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