Monday, July 18, 2005

Wednesday Noon 

Juan Cole has an excellent suggestion:

(via Informed Comment)
Al-Zaman says that the Iraqi parliament has decided that a moment of silence will be held throughout Iraq on Wednesday at noon in honor of the victims of bombings at New Baghdad and Musayyib. I hope my readers will consider observing it, as well. The bombings have been monstrous and have deliberately killed children and families.
We did it for the transport bomb victims in London. Friday alone, in Iraq, was, what, three and a half Londons?

(That sort of math is, admittedly, stupid and pointless, particularly when "another London"--defined as "around 50 people going about their normal lawful affairs killed by bombs"--happens about every day, day and a half in The New Iraq(tm).)

Who could possibly object? Yeah, I know, the Usual Suspects...but this is not, officially anyway, for all Iraqi bombing victims, just the ones killed that particular day by those particular incidents. Hell, if Glorious Leader had half a brain (or if said brain wasn't under intense investigation at the moment) he would propose it himself and order flags lowered that day. Fat chance.

A moment of silence seems so little to do as to be almost insulting, or at least meaningless...but it isn't

Remember--Wednesday noon.

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