Friday, July 29, 2005

SCOTUS Watch: White House Continues to Hide Documents from Congress 

So, if Congress and the Executive are co-equal branches of government, why shouldn't Congress be able to see every document that Roberts and his handlers should see? I mean, what could there be for "political deputy" (back) Stealthy John Roberts to hide?

Administration officials say they will refuse to make available a larger number of documents dating from Roberts' time in the solicitor general's office from 1989-1993.

We'll have some reasons the WhiteWash House might not have wanted to do that this evening. Farmers been into Lexis again...

In a sentence that could just as easily apply to his own confirmation proceedings as to [O'Connors], Roberts wrote on Sept. 17, 1981, "The approach was to avoid giving specific responses to any direct questions on legal issues likely to come before the court, but demonstrating in the response a firm command of the subject area and awareness of the relevant precedents and arguments."
(via AP)

"Firm command"? Sounds like Dobson to me, chortle... Say, maybe Roberts is part of a theocratic sleeper cell after all...

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