Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SCOTUS Watch: Of course, nobody wants to question Roberts about his personal faith 

Although it would be nice to know what would happen if Roberts bishop, or the Pope, told Roberts they would deny him communion if he voted to keep Roe "settled law"... Oh wait, the Bishops or the Pope don't have to do that; they've already done it, by denying elected representatives communion on the same grounds.

But here's a question we could ask Roberts. Remember this little story, from "election" 2004:

The Republican National Committee has asked Bush-backing Roman Catholics to provide copies of their parish directories to help register Catholics to vote in the November election, a use of personal information not necessarily condoned by dioceses around the country.

In a story posted Thursday on its Web site, the National Catholic Reporter said a GOP official had urged people who attended a Catholic outreach event in January to provide parish directories and membership lists to the political party.

"Access to these directories is critical as it allows us to identify and contact those Catholics who are likely to be supportive of President Bush's compassionate conservative agenda,'' wrote Martin J. Gillespie, director of Catholic Outreach at the RNC. ``Please forward any directories you are able to collect to my attention.''
(via the archives, deep beneath the bedrock of One Corrente Square)

So, did the Republican National Committee ask Roberts's parish for its directory? If so, did Roberts know about it? And if he did know, what did he do? And what does he think of the practice?

Of course, maybe Roberts has "no recollection." Or didn't serve on that committee...

Just asking...

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