Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SCOTUS Watch: Now that we know what Bush doesn't want us to see, let's go get it 

Here's what Bush wants to hide:

Roberts's work in the solicitor general's office from 1989 to 1993, under the first President George Bush. Democrats say they need the documents because they could shed light on the nominee's thinking about issues that may come before the Supreme Court.
(via Times)

Hmmm... What could have been happening then? Well, here's one thing:

Independent Counsel's investigation did not develop evidence that proved that Vice President Bush violated any criminal statute. Contrary to his public pronouncements, however, he was fully aware of the Iran arms sales. Bush was regularly briefed, along with the President, on the Iran arms sales, and he participated in discussions to obtain third-country support for the contras. The O.I.C. obtained no evidence that Bush was aware of the diversion. The O.I.C. learned in December 1992 that Bush had failed to produce a diary containing contemporaneous notes relevant to Iran/contra, despite requests made in 1987 and again in early 1992 for the production of such material. Bush refused to be interviewed for a final time in light of evidence developed in the latter stages of the O.I.C.'s investigation, leaving unresolved a clear picture of his Iran/contra involvement. Bush's pardon of Weinberger on December 24, 1992, preempted a trial in which defense counsel indicated that they intended to call Bush as a witness.

Like father, like son, huh? Why is it that whenever the Republicans take power, they start setting up a secret government and shredding the Constitution? Nixon/Plumbers/Watergate, Reagan/Ollie et al./Iran-Contra, Bush/ name it... /name it... So the broader theme of questions to develop for Roberts would be Republican abuse of power, wouldn't it?

One wonders if Bush the First took legal advice from the Solicitor General before he pardoned a potential witness against him.

And one wonders if John Roberts left a paper trail when Bush did so.

Well, there's only one way to find out!

NOTE That Times summary of Lawrence Walhs's Iran-Contra report has a lot of good detail on Repubublican mendacity and criminality back when it was morning again in America. The scum also rises, and the only change is that they've gotten a lot better at it. Walsh makes Kenn Starr look like the weakling he was. I mean, Starr spent $70 million investigating a blow-job and dumping a truck load of soft porn on Capitol Hill 'cause that whole land deal thing turned to shit. (Haw! If Clinton cared about money, he would have been rich!) Walsh, by constrast concluded: "The investigations and prosecutions have shown that high-ranking Administration officials violated laws and executive orders in the Iran/contra matter." And Walsh was right. Which is why Bush pardoned the criminals.

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