Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rove, Rove, Rove Yer Bloat 

Bush didn't really want to do this thing with the Dread Pirate Roberts for weeks yet, Wee Scotty's fanciful tales to the contrary. But President Rove really needed his little figurehead to get out and gibber loudly enough to take the heat off for awhile...

(via Froomkin)

...[According to a new survey from] the Pew Research Center, 49 percent [of the public] said they believe the president is trustworthy, while almost as many, 46 percent said he is not. Bush was at 62 percent on this measure in a September 2003 Pew poll and at 56 percent in a Gallup poll in April.

Asked to provide one-word descriptions of Bush, the top ten words that came to respondents' minds were: Honest, incompetent, arrogant, good, integrity, determined, liar, stupid, idiot, strong.

Compared to five months ago, the words "leader" and "fair" dropped out of the top ten, while "stupid" and "determined" made it in.
And what was it last night with the weird jaw-twitch at the end of every sentence? Can falling poll ratings cause TMJ? Rumor has it (not that I watch Cuckoo Bananas Travelling Babble Shows if I can possibly avoid it) that his little staged speech in front of Bored Uniformed People today showed him in full verbal meltdown. If I thought he was actually in charge of anything I'd be deeply concerned.

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