Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Meet Your New Boss 

Human rights advocate Wayne LaPierre is incensed that:
a) Cities under seige from gun violence and desperate to make it stop have the temerity to try to defend themselves, and

b) He doesn't get to play banana republic dictator
Here's what the NRA hath wrought in Columbus, Ohio:
"Looking to punish this city for enacting a ban on assault weapons, the National Rifle Association announced on Monday that it had canceled plans to hold its national convention here in 2007, an event that was expected to pump more than $15 million into the local economy...
The announcement came five days after Mayor Michael Coleman signed legislation outlawing the sale of certain kinds of military-style semiautomatic weapons and requiring people who purchased such guns before the law's effective date, Aug. 12, to register them with the police.
Columbus officials and gun control groups condemned the rifle association's decision, calling it an effort not only to embarrass the Council but also to bully the State Legislature into passing a bill that would invalidate the Columbus ban and prohibit other cities from enacting similar measures. A Republican lawmaker is expected to introduce such legislation this fall."
But the blackmail could come to an end if only the state would see reason, and eliminate the citizenry of Ohio from this whole sticky democracy business:
"He added that the rifle association would consider holding a future convention in Columbus if state lawmakers passed a bill invalidating the Columbus ban and pre-empting local governments from passing similar measures. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo already have similar bans in place, gun control advocates said."
Why would the NRA think any state would let them shoehorn themselves into a position hitherto reserved only for the constituents of a state's elected lawmakers? Maybe this:
"More than 40 states have enacted such pre-emption laws, many of them as a result of N.R.A. lobbying. But Ohio has a long tradition, enshrined in its Constitution, of giving municipalities wide latitude to set local policies. As a result, any effort to stop cities from enacting gun restrictions would almost certainly face court challenges, gun control advocates said."
Bully for Ohio. Unfortunately for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA has no such provisions, and the entire state has become just another chapter of the NRA. And federally elected officials have become merely lobbyists for their culture of life agenda.

Eric Rudolf would be damned pleased.

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