Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keller to blogosphere: Drop dead! 

A nice quote from Howie:

Times Editor Bill ["Helen"] Keller, by the way, told me that criticism of [Judith "Kneepads"] Miller was "repellent" and coming from the "partisan fringe."
(via WaPo)

Look, I'm with the libertarians on legalized prostition, and it follows logically that I believe it's wrong that Judy Miller's in jail. So Keller and I are of one mind on that issue.

But if Keller's right, and only a "fringe" cares about the single-sourced Chalabi-fabricated stenography that Judy wrote on WMDs, stenography that "supplied the war" for Bush in Iraq just as surely as William Randolph Hearst supplied the Spanish-American War to Karl Rove's idol, William McKinley... Well, if Keller's right, the polity is in a lot worse shape than I thought.

But I think more people care than Keller thinks. If you care, you could drop a line to the Times ombudsman, Byron "I don't suck like Okrent" Calame.

NOTE Here are some of our posts on Judy "Kneepads" Miller, the sad state of the Times, and how the Times views the blogosphere, just in case you want some ammo in your politely worded and well-reasoned missives. 5/08/2005 (Good for a laugh; Judy Miller's employer gives lecture on blogger ethics); 4/10/2005 (Okrent preens himself for the Time's single Pulitzer on railroad accidents (!)); 10/10/2004 (Okrent seems to have a problem when the left writes in, but not when the right works the refs); 8/29/2004 (the Times doesn't want to be a newsgathering organization anymore); 5/26/2004 (Times mea culpa on war coverage somehow omits Judy Miller's name); 4/25/2004 (Okrent: The customers are wrong); 4/11/2004; (Howell Raines on our parade; mentions "unsourced rantings" of bloggers while somehow omitting to mention how the Times got punk'd by single sourced stories from Judy Miller); 3/22/2004 (Hearty laughter from readers as Times crudely buries Clarke revelations on A18, and assigns the story to Judy Miller!).

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