Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Going to Hell in a Uranium Basket 

Please excuse my absence from the Mighty Corrente Building. There are two places I despise, hospitals and jails, and because of failing to follow simple rules I learned 35 years ago I had the grand opportunity to spend a little time in both fine institutions. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I am now back among the living and I hereby publicly thank my neighbors (you know who you are) for not letting the place go to hell while I was gone.

Of course things keep going to hell, anyway…

If you live in New Mexico, or not, for that matter, act NOW—some goddam NREC judge has just okayed uranium mining in places called Crownpoint and Church Rock. These are Navajo communities, and the Navajo Nation president outlawed uranium mining on the rez earlier this year. But the devious bastards at Hydro Resources, Inc. are going to set up on “checkerboard” places that aren’t technically on the rez and mine uranium using (scarce) water. There’s plenty of local outrage, but what needs to happen is the NM Dept. of Environment and Governor Richardson need to outlaw uranium mining statewide. Otherwise there will be hundreds if not thousands of new uranium victims, mostly Native, mostly poor. For more info, contact the NM Environmental Law Center (I can't get a link to their website for some reason) and join the cause!

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