Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Frogmarch watch: Refresh my memory on that Beltway Dem Rapid Response Team? 

We do have one, right? Are they lying low? Playing rope-a-dope? Pursuing an incredibly sophisticated Fabian strategy?

I mean, the entire Republican establishment goes into radio silence for 24 hours and then emerges speaking identical talking points defending Unka Karl—none of which are on point, and all of which were settled way back in 2003 when the Plame Affair just broke. Dealing with this should be child's play for a party with a will to win.

So the Dems are where on this? Watching in awe as Meadowlark Lemon yanks their shorts down again? WTF? [Except, of course, for Howard Dean. Jeebus, I know the rehab from a spinal transplant is brutal, but does Dean really have to do everything for these guys?]

NOTE I know picturing Karl Rove as Meadowlark Lemon may be a stretch—but picturing the Beltway Dems as the Washington Generals isn't. Get it together, guys!

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