Monday, July 18, 2005

Frogmarch watch: Defining deviancy down 

I always wondered what Bush meant when He promised "the most ethical admintration in history," and now I know:

Ethical adj. 1. Not actually convicted of any crime. 2. If convicted of a crime, pardoned.

I'm glad that's cleared up:

President Bush said Monday that if anyone on his staff committed a crime in [TreasonGate,] the CIA-leak case, that person will "no longer work in my administration."
(AP via WaPo)

Bush, meanwhile, keeps on dodging questions about the actual persons involved:

Bush yet again sidestepped a question on the role of his top political adviser, Karl Rove, in the matter.

Nor will Bush say if any wrong has been committed, which, from the "ethical" standpoint, is the real issue ("It Doesn't Matter," back. )

[Bush] did not respond directly to a reporter's question on whether he disapproved of Rove's telling a reporter that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA on weapons of mass destruction issues.

Meanwhile, Scott "Sucker MC" McClellen is still issuing carefully parsed non-denial denials:

And White House spokesman Scott McClellan has said Rove _ as well anyone who works now at the White House _ continues to have the president's confidence.

(I guess the AP story was so hot off the press that they couldn't turn the underscores into italics, so I did that for them.)

Hmmm... Anyone who works "now"? Who in the W.H.I.G (back) isn't working in the White House how? Condi and Hadley are over at State, KaWen Hughes is, wherever she is, Cheney's creatures are either in Cheney's hidden location or the EOB... Gee, seems like the only one Bush has any confidence in is Rove! Well, well.

Of course, there are other potential fall guys, especially if Rove's story that someone in the press told him Plame's name, instead of the other way round.... Like maybe Jeff Guckert? Treating Guckert as a member of the press for the sake of the argument? It would be irresonsible not to speculate!

Rove has not disputed that he told Cooper that Wilson's wife worked for the agency. But he has insisted through his lawyer that he did not mention her by name, nor did he intend to "out" her.

I've always wondered about the hidden subtext of "outing," eh? Funny how familiar everyone on this case is with the phrase...

Pass the popcorn!

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