Thursday, July 28, 2005

Department of Fifteen Seconds of Fame: Corrente on CNN 

An alert reader mentioned that we'd been on CNN; farmer dug out the quote. Abbi Tatton hosts CNN's "Inside the Blogs". From her fan site, "I Luv Abbi Tatton":

Ms. Tatton's arms seemed a little more tan than usual ... So the first topic tackled was Roberts's Federalist membership. Ms. Tatton quoted Corrente's point that if they were evasive on a simple thing like this, then it didn't bode well for larger things. But she then noted Washington Monthly's dismissal of the issue as minor. Lastly she quoted Pejmanesque's saying of the issue, in effect, "Is that all?"

The post is here Too had our demand for the "private advice" Roberts gave Jebbie in Florida 2000 didn't get mentioned... Especially since that story got abandoned, when it turned out (back) that Roberts was running rehearsals for the Republican lawyers arguing Bush v. Gore, which wouldn't exactly be "private advice," would it? Our ever-changing stories... Reminds you of the WMD fiasco, doesn't it?

So, if anyone from CNN is reading this now, it would be nice to have an answer to the following question:

Given that Roberts was a member of a "cabal" (back) of former Rehnquist clerks, did he have any private contacts with Rehnquist (or Scalia) before Bush v. Gore was heard, and were the results of any of those contacts fed back into the "rehearsals" Roberts organized for Bush's lawyers?

Just asking.... It would be irresponsible not to speculate!

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