Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Dear Leader of the Free World 

bush vs bushCaption this:

So who or what exactly has worked Commander Mooncalf into a punchy excitable tizz? Plus, from the look in his eyes, he looks like a man with a bee up his pantleg. Is this one of those "gotta pee - gotta pee..." kind of things? Or, is Bu$h engaged in some kind of battle fabulous royale, flailing away at his own inner demons?

No one else in this photo appears to be too upset about anything. The guy in the necktie to Bu$h's left looks down right bored. The shiny headed guy to his right looks like he might be reading the Daily News.

Let's face it -- this looks like a photo of some crazy guy in a subway station. Screw loose and fancifully free. Which, to this point anyway, seems to pretty much sum up the entire G.W. Bu$hCo so called presidential reign of terra.


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