Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Many of you expressed a great deal of interest in my brief historical commentary on the subject of the Vietnam war - see below: Operation Yellowphant. Unfortunately I simply don't have time to respond to each and every one of your thoughtful enquiries and comments and questions and requests for home school history tutoring.

Fortunately, however, I can help you understand how I have come to some of my conclusions on matters discussed within that post and how i have come to be home-learned in important matters of history and economics and feminism and the Vietnam war and liberals and their liberalis homosexualis tyrannicus agenda. The simple truth is, if it weren't for the undying devoted companionship of my mentor, tutor, internets pen-pal and subway platform playmate Ted - Ted7000 that is, I wouldn't know the difference between a socialist and a soca band.

My friend Ted knows a lot of interesting true facts and other neat stuff about American history and and culture and politics and gender issues and peculiar sexual persuasions which drive the liberal world conquest juggernaught and, ultimately, henceforth, leach their ultimate toxic body-politic poisons into our national bloodstream. Sigh.

Ted, my lusty true fact spewing friend, is over fifty years old but he still looks like a gay teenage movie star [ Ted on Ted ] which allows Ted a great deal of access (if ya know what I'm sayin') to the engine rooms of various juggernaughts and bloodstreams and so forth.

But, anyway, what I wanted to re-emphasize with respect to my post on the true history of the Vietnam war and those who were denied access to its unfolding legacy (posted somewhere below) is that most of what I know about that unfortunate chapter in American history (including the liberal pussification of society in general) I learned from Ted who guided me like a patient headmaster leading a purblind orphan around a country fair. Every one of my Phd's in history, which are around here somewhere, can be credited in some respect or another to Ted's excellent guidance and encouragement and deliberate attention to true history facts. Thank you Ted, if it weren't for you I never would have known that Gen. Augusto Pinochet was a great raving liberal who supported Adlai Stevenson in 1956.

Anyway, in order to help you further understand the intricate crushing nature of liberalism and how it came to lay waste to our entire nation - including, as I myself have proved, barring Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh and Tom Delay and even our President George W. Bush hisself from serving their country in Vietnam - I've included a brief excerpt from Ted's latest important essay titled HETEROSEXUALITY IS NOW SEXIST?. What does that have to do with the Vietnam war you might ask? Well, you'll see...

As the years went by though, the professors mellowed realizing that while men may not really be needed they were, nevertheless, here, at least until biological science could find a better way to produce sperm. So, rather than treating men them adventitiously, the way our gov't is treating the Sunni population of Iraq, it was better, they reasoned, to count them as in the human race (I for one am very thankful), and even worthy of love, so long as they were cooperative and it was a gender neutral love. Anything other than "neutral" was wholly unacceptable of course, because that was, of course, exactly what led to centuries and centuries of subjugation and male domination.

In practice though most of the professors do sheepishly and eventually revert to heterosexual mating patterns that evolved over million and million of years, but they do, nevertheless, feel a solemn intellectual obligation to prove their "street creds", sisterhood, and egalitarian ideals by having a lesbian affairs or two along the way. If they were children you'd write it all off to youthful indiscretion, but they are adults; adults who teach our children.

They have brave and bold new ideas but manage to get themselves all confused with their mighty IQs. But that is what liberalism is: a belief that if your huge ego can conjure it up, it ought to be reality. Sadly, all the liberal realities are very different, contradictory, and often very deadly. If we look at the great liberals of recent history: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Hussein, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, and Robert Mugabe we see very clearly that the more rapid and profound change these vast egos wanted the more millions who wound up dead.

Were it not for conservative Republicans and their respect for conserving history, can anyone say how far our American liberals would go? They now have a huge gov't in place that delivers far more than the American Socialist Party of the 1920s every dreamed possible in a free country, and yet they still stand for nothing each and every election cycle but more and more concentrated power in Washington with no end in sight. They want the liberal machinery of power in place; they are psychotically attracted to it beyond all sanity simply because they perceive it as a manifestation of their huge egos. They pray one day it can be used as the vehicle or mechanism through which they can bring about the rapid and probably deadly change their massive egos compel them to seek. They are compelled to seek a comprehensive new social formula the way Einstein was compelled to seek a new physical formula.

Lost on them is the 10 years of depression and 5 years of world war that our big gov't blundered into. Lost on them are the lies that powerful American Presidents told for the privilege of fighting in Vietnam and Iraq. Lost on them are the social welfare programs of the 60's that amounted to near genocide against the Black population that was supposed to be helped. Lost on them is the Social Security program that steals 13% from every working American and gives them back far less than would have by putting the money in their mattresses. But, hey, that's what liberalism is: blind and huge ego totally oblivious to history. And isn't it an odd thing in a country specifically designed by Jefferson to be free of gov't rather than to embrace an ever more powerful gov't capable of ever more deadly liberalism?

There you have it! You can't master logic like that without some kind of highly evolved sperm wiggling its way into the mix. And lets face it...when will liberals begin questioning the "lies that powerful American Presidents" tell about fighting wars. Obviously that will never materialize any time soon. That's why we need Ted to help us. Therefore I intend to announce, very shortly, my plan to elect Ted to the US Congress in 2006. Ted2006! Vote for Ted, he may not be quite right in the head, but at least he ain't a feminazi Red.

And don't miss Ted's true imaginary conversation with a smelly European liberal.

It all somehow makes sense if you let it rattle around inside your skull for a while. Or maybe not.


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