Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Sunday Times keeps trying to fix the book review, and still it sucks 

Get a load of this thumbsucker from one Alan Ehrenhalt on the mysterious phenomenon of "Clinton Hatred">

MILLIONS of Americans despise Bill Clinton. They have done so since he became a presence in national politics in the early 1990's, and they continue to do so today, more than four years after his retirement from public office.
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The passion of the Clinton haters is a phenomenon without equal in recent American politics. It is not based on any specific policies that Clinton promoted or implemented during his years in office. It is almost entirely personal. In its persistence and intensity, it goes far beyond anything that comparable numbers of people have felt about Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan or either of the presidents Bush. It surpasses even the liberals' longstanding detestation of Richard Nixon. The only political obsession comparable to it in the past century is the hatred that a significant minority of Americans felt for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
(via Times Book Review)

Hmmm... I wonder what possible connection there could be?

n this respect the phenomenon is all the more puzzling. ... Viewed in historical perspective, Clinton-hatred is not easy to explain ... If, as Harris believes, Clinton was in the most important ways a competent president -- and certainly not a combative or ideological one -- then the conundrum of Clinton-hatred remains essentially unsolved. ...

Wait for it...

[Clinton] was the tangible symbol of the Baby Boom... The generational issue is surely not the only explanation of Clinton hatred, but it may be the most persuasive one anybody has presented so far. Ultimately there will be others.

Gosh. You know, I can think of one of those "other" explanations, and I'm not even a perferssor or a talking head:

The Clinton Haters were funded to hate, you dimwits!

Really, such innocence as these guys display... Just can't be innocent, can it?

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