Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Gee, we've been living in Canada a whole week, and my commitment to my spouse is already being undermined:

Canada is on its way to becoming the third country in the world to openly embrace homosexual marriage after the House of Commons gave its final approval last night to a bill that changes the definition to include same-sex couples.


But, just as there were celebrations, so too was there a feeling of dejection and loss among those who had worked hard to block the bill. Religious groups held prayer vigils after the final count was read and other opponents who had crowded the public gallery of the Commons walked quietly away.

Conservative Vic Toews, who has fervently opposed same-sex marriage, said he does not think the issue is closed.

"There are still a lot of concerns about how effective this bill is going to be in terms of protecting religious freedoms," he said. "What I have heard from people right across this country is, they're very unhappy with the way the Liberal government has rammed this matter through."
(via Globe and Mail)

Look for "scholarly" studies in the years to come, tracing every blip in the (hetero) Canadian divorce rate to the gays and their subversive connubial happiness.

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