Thursday, June 16, 2005

Of Plants, Power and Grassroots 

Around here, we got these trees called Chinese Elms. They’re more like weeds than trees. In the spring they drop these little flat round seed pods in greater quantities than Bu$hCo can drop bad legislation into congress. And they grow fast—four feet or more in a month or two. As soon as you put water on a field, there they are. Anyway, point is, you can pull them up by the roots, but only when they’re young. And the sheep will eat them, so it’s good forage until the first hay cutting.

I would rather think about this than the fact that they’re going to build another coal-fired power plant a hundred miles or so from here. We’ve already got two of the polluting fuckers within a couple hundred miles. If any of you are Native, or concerned about Native issues, you might consider helping out Dine' CARE with some encouragement—they’re the grassroots Navajo environmental movement spearheading the effort to stop the plant. They’re trying to pull up the “Desert Rock” power plan early, like a Chinese Elm. Or send a strongly-worded message to the plant’s builder, Sithe Global Power - Desert Rock Energy Project explaining how wrong it is to continue to tear up the reservation for profit.

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