Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Inquiring Minds And All That 

As I was otherwise engaged with at my local Belgian bar, I happily missed Dear Leader's marketing campaign. I understand that the networks caved and they all put him on. Just skimming the NYTimes this a.m. (I"m rushing) I gather he did what he always does so well: extolled the joys of other people dying for some bullshit excuse, and kicked dirt over the scatpile of his own lies and incompetence by exhorting Americans to stop expecting accountability from him ("The past is the past").
More on this later, when I can, but let me ask for some reader feedback---How did you feel about the speech? What did it say to you? How did he look to you? What sense did you get of his captive audience? Were they behind him, or just going through the motions? What did you read on their faces? And how was it spun afterward by the lapdog press?

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