Friday, June 03, 2005

If He Was So Bad, Why Doesn't Bush Give Him A Medal Of Freedom? 

Is there anything more laughable than a pair of fools like Friedman and Brooks extolling the poverty of the Third World as an antidote to those spoiled rich kids in Europe with all their outdated perks? (Brooks' "It is happier to live in a poor country that is moving forward - where expectations are high - than it is to live in an affluent country that is looking back" is particularly delicious; when can we look forward to him packing up the family for the big move to India?) Anything more hilarious that that?

Why, yes, I guess it would have to be the spectacle of 3 known law-breakers, one with time under his belt, lambasting W. Mark Felt as a traitor to everything Americans hold dear for outing the largest government criminal conspiracy prior to the Bushco coronation. For putting it all together in one place we can thank John Stewart and The Daily Show. And for putting it into a neatly watchable soundbite that I can link to, I can thank Crooks and Liars.

As John Stewart proves, "Mark Felt is truly a great man."

Update: Fixed Friedman's name. Although in the climate of the current regime, evidence of incompetence is only incompetence of evidence.
Ask Rumsfeld.

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