Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Yard-Sale-For-Freedom Blogging 

For those of you living in the Philly area, which has become a veritable hotbed of political involvement (the forefathers would be proud!), and for the pack rats among you, check this out on Saturday:

This is to raise money for Montco's Social Security Birthday Party, 14 Aug. You'll find it just outside of Chestnut Hill, northwest of the intersection of Willow Grove and Cheltenham Aves. (Map here.)

Democracy For America is the organization that transformed from Howard Dean's original Dean For America. When he lost the primary, he plowed his remaining election funds into what became DFA, intending that it's members would use it to jump start grassroots political involvement. Montco DFA, for Montgomery County members and citizens, is working on the local levels to transform school boards, county commissions, municipal offices, all into the kind of organizations that work toward progressive political goals.

The purpose of the Birthday Party For Social Security is to raise awareness of the intentions of Bushco in privatizing SS, and encourage grassroots action to save it.

So if you're in the area, get on up there and buy a fan or something, and help make a difference.

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