Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Day's Retrospective 

What a day to be an American yesterday was.

First there was finding out how my freedom-loving government stood up for human rights by blocking an investigation into the massacre of hundreds of people by our pal Islam Karamov in Uzbekistan.

Then, after over 100 years of malicious neglect, the Senate can't even get all hundred of its members to get on board a sadly-belated apology for failing to pass anti-lynching laws. They refused to hold a roll-call so these creatures could hide their distaste for good old Christian reconciliation, but we think we know who they are).

And (they still can't get over this) more Americans felt Bill O'Reilly is a journalist than Bob Woodward. No doubt it was the lousy writing combined with all the falafel, though a judicious dollop of shouting down one's guests may have something to do with it---something perhaps Bill Moyers learned all too late, alas.

Then last night, speaking of O'Reilly, he and his heroes Bush, Rove, and Hannity had a lovely fund-raising dinner with a Christian porn star.

Republican madrassas were reported to be growing their own undead to fill future leadership seats.

And of course, the media continued to play guard dog to Bush's dishonorable reign by backpedalling, downplaying, burying, and misinterpreting both the first and second UK memos.

Yes, it was a bleak time to be an American, but there are brighter days ahead:

Lovable Roy Moore may throw a monkey wrench into future GOP aspirations of conquest, and Bill Frist is being justly tarred as the reason the pro-lynching sentators were able to hide behind a voice vote.

And there's CAT TOWN.

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