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March 18, 2001

Christian Bailey

Christian Bailey is a principal of Lincoln Capital and manages their Lincoln Futures Fund. That fund has returned 187% since its inception in December 2000.

Previously, Bailey was the Founder and CEO of Express Action, a provider of international trade logistics solutions. Express Action handles all the complexity of international import duties, taxes, regulations and customs clearance online, making an international order just as transparent and simple as a domestic one. This allows buyers and sellers to participate globally in exchanges, e-procurement and web-enabled supply-chains. After founding the company and recruiting the core team, Bailey secured $15M in first round venture and debt funding and led the growth of the company during its first year. He had been previously been working actively with the Internet since 1991 and acted as an advisor to several of the earliest European e-businesses.

Before founding Express Action, Bailey was head of the Emerging Companies Group at Linck Corporate Finance PLC, where he funded and helped develop high-growth technology companies. Before joining Linck, he was Founder and CEO of ITG, a computer services company with a global supply-chain which was acquired in 1998. He also worked at Kleinwort Benson before their acquisition by Dresdner Bank and in Barclays Bank's International Corporate Group.

Bailey is an FAA-certified helicopter and airplane pilot and holds a BA and a MA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.

July 21, 2001

Christian Bailey

Christian Bailey serves as President of Lincoln Asset Managment LLC whose principal fund has returned 184% since its inception in December 2000. Prior to founding Lincoln Asset Management, Bailey traded derivatives for his own account with a consistently successful track record for over eight years.

In addition to trading, Bailey has also committed to entrepreneurial and organizational roles. After graduating with a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, Bailey founded three companies over four years. The last one, Express Action Inc, successfully raised $15M in first round debt and equity funding and grew to 45 employees under Bailey's leadership. The company was subsequently acquired.

Bailey gained experience on the money market and derivatives desks at Kleinwort Benson before their acquisition by Dresdner Bank. He also worked in Barclays Bank's International Corporate Group.

Bailey also enjoys the opportunity to apply risk management and judgment in the world of aviation and is an FAA-certified helicopter and airplane pilot.

Lincoln Asset Management link: Lincoln Asset Management. NOTE!: Clicking through the link which is displayed on the page I've linked to here (Lincoln Asset Management) will take you to an old Lincolnam.com page -- however -- the text there seems to only render in gibberish when attempting to load.

Past "Christian Bailey.com" posts: The earliest entry being March 18, 2001. The last entry being July 2004. The greatest body of posts appear to be blog posts (links to daily news items, techno news, etc...) made during 2003: from Feb 01, 2003 thru Dec. 12, 2003.

Full listing of previous Christianbailey.com pages (via the Wayback Machine) can be viewed here: archived "christianbailey.com" pages

August 2004 | Baghdad:

R -- Iraq Private Sector Growth and Employment Generation, ECON II

Notice Date

Notice Type

541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Contracting Office
Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Iraq (CPA) USAID-Baghdad, Department of State, APO, AE, 09335

ZIP Code

Solicitation Number

Response Due

Archive Date

[...] 20036, Contact: Christian Bailey, Vice President, Telephone: +1 (202)595-1330 x29 Office, Cell: +1 (866)406-8469, Fax: +1 (202)595-0208, Email: christian.bailey@iraqex.com, Fullah Bldg, Third Floor, Kindi Street, District 211, Harthya, Baghdad, Iraq, Telephone: +964(790)144-0207, www.iraqex.com; [...]

Place of Performance
Address: Iraq country-wide
Country: Iraq

SN00629075-W 20040725/040723211526 (fbodaily.com)

FedBizOpps.gov Link to This Notice
(may not be valid after Archive Date)

Full text of FBO "point of contact" info excerpted above can be found here: FedBizOpps.gov

Lincoln Asset Management Group:
Alternative Investment News
March 1, 2003
SECTION: No. 3, Vol. 4; Pg. 12
IAC-ACC-NO: 98882123
LENGTH: 168 words
HEADLINE: New York firm launches defense sector LBO fund; Manager News; leveraged buyout; Brief Article

Lincoln Asset Management Group, a New York-based hedge fund firm, has launched a leveraged buyout fund focusing on the defense and intelligence sectors. The firm rolled out the Lincoln Orion Fund this month, said Christian Bailey, managing director. Lincoln had been pre-marketing the fund and has obtained commitments of $ 100 million from six institutional investors, whom Bailey declined to name. The investors include two private equity funds of funds, three corporations and one foreign investor, he said. The fund will be capped at $ 300 million.

The fund will buy companies in the defense and national security industries in the U.S., Bailey said. "Timing is extremely good to look at defense companies. There is huge demand from the Department of Defense and the intelligence community," he noted.

The minimum for investment is $ 1 million with a 1% management fee and 20% performance fee. Lincoln manages $ 100 million in assets in a global macro hedge fund and a macro fund of funds.

IAC-CREATE-DATE: July 26, 2003

2004/Iraqex: ABANA / Arab Bankers Association of North America:
Controller - Iraqex Jobs
Posted by Marie-Thérèse Abou-Daoud on 12/03/2004
About the Company


Iraqex was formed with the backing of Lincoln Asset Management Group with the assistance of a cadre of investors, to pursue private sector opportunities in Iraq. Iraqex brings a unique combination of expertise in collecting and exploiting information; structuring transactions; and mitigating risks through due diligence, legal strategies and security. Iraqex has developed subsidiaries and private equity investments in Iraq spanning commercial real estate! , manufacturing, metals, transportation, and communications.

Iraqex recently won the three-year contract to provide all Public Relations, outreach, and media monitoring & analysis for Coalition Forces across Iraq. This is a major project with vital importance to achieving success in the goal of brining the Iraqi people elections to choose their own future.

Iraqex benefits from strong relationships in Iraq, the U.S. and internationally. In Iraq, it has cultivated relationships with the Iraqi national government, municipalities, tribal leaders, prominent families, and the business community. Iraqex has a thriving network of offices from Basra in the South to Zakho in the North and employs over 300 Iraqis. In the U.S., Iraqex enjoys select relationships in Congress, the Administration, OPIC, ExIm Bank, and the U.S. Department of State.

More information is available at www.iraqex.com.

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