Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Arnis: What next, a secret decoder ring? 

And to think I thought that Schwarzenegger wasn't a typical Republican. Surely Maria tamed him? Surely, at last, we have a Republican—the Terminator—who's going to stand up for the little guy?

Why, why, am I so naive?

When wealthy contributors write checks to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, they often get a few canapes and a drink — and a secret telephone number that grants them access to his closest advisors and even the governor himself.

Twice a month, donors can become insiders' insiders — invited to participate in conference calls featuring information about Schwarzenegger campaign strategy that his political enemies would love to have. In turn, donors who dial in can give the governor advice.
(via LA Times)

Best of all, the Times has excertps from a transcript. (Wonder who the Republican mole is? Apparently there still are a few responsible ones...)

And here's one little gem:

'I'm sure you are aware the [Assembly] speaker and Democrats proposed a $3-billion tax increase. I think it will affect anybody who is on this call.' [Sipple, Republican operative, Referring to a plan to raise taxes on individuals making more than $143,000 a year]

Touching concern...

UPDATE Alert reader Julia gives us the lowdown on Sipple.

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