Saturday, June 04, 2005

A(nother) Light in Dark Times 

Know what I like about our local fishwrapper? I mean, aside from the fact you can wrap meat in it and train pups with it, and so forth? Because sometimes they publish a “wow” piece.

Today’s had an opinion piece by DeWayne Wickham (long may his banner fly) that notes among other things that aWol used “disassemble” for “dissemble,” referring to lying. And he calls him on it and points out that he’s an idiot. He then goes on to point out at least two blatant lies he made during the press conference, and then says “Shame on you!” to all of his colleagues who pretended none of this happened.

Reward good behavior, especially since he works for Gannett (at least until thugs from the Ministry of Truth come around to have a "talk" with him). His email is DeWayneWickham@aol.com.

I don’t have a link, sorry. Couldn’t find one. Readers, help the linkigially challenged?

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