Tuesday, June 28, 2005

An address to the nation? Really? 

Since when is an address to folks who are under orders to clap (and are essentially being paid to clap) considered an "Address to the Nation?" (You can go read this rather typical fluff piece about what the soldiers at Fort Bragg hope to hear.)

And since when would such a pathetic thing be televised on a national network? ABC should be embarrassed. It doesn't appear the other three (even Fox!) are going to carry it.

But I digress. Isn't it astonishing that this president will only talk to a hand-picked audiences of people who all agree with him -- or are being paid to pretend they do?

This president really is in a world all his own, huh? I've never seen a president this isolated from the American people. Well, um, since Nixon anyway.

And you know what the funniest part is? Whenever Chimpy opens his mouth to try and stem the approval rating bleeding it always fails miserably.

I expect W's approval ratings to be in the upper 30s within a month or two. (Ruy Teixeira has been expecting this for a few days now.)

They're floundering, folks.

As Atrios often says, pass the popcorn.

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