Thursday, May 12, 2005

Whack: More proof that we're winning 

I know we've all made up our minds... But it's really too bad Iraq isn't a story anymore. Because the story keeps getting worse. Reading all the way to the closing paragraphs:

American officials had hoped that the advent of an elected government, with a mandate from nearly nine million Iraqis who voted in January's elections, would persuade wavering elements in the Sunni-led insurgency to join in the American-sponsored effort to establish a Western-style democracy.

But so far, those hopes have been shattered by an eruption of violence that has carried the insurgency to levels rarely seen in the 25 months since American troops seized Baghdad, and left the new government of Prime Minister Jaafari looking vulnerable only nine days after it was sworn into office.
(via Times)

Well, at least we can drive from the airport to downtown Baghdad without getting shot or bombed. That's progress! Oh wait....

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