Sunday, May 08, 2005

So let's not insult the wingers by calling them theocrats, OK? 

It's not civil!

Anyhow, the Conference on Theocracy farmer (citing Frederick Clarkson) drew out attention to last week is finally getting some coverage. AP has reminds us what we're up against:

At the CUNY conference, the central threat that speakers raised was "theocracy" - a label often heard from politicians and liberal pundits in recent days that conservatives consider extremely insulting.

"Insulting" because it's true! You can always tell the stuck pig by its squealing!

While conservatives certainly would take offense to some of the comments, evangelicals have shown in recent weeks that they also have a touch for remarks guaranteed to irritate or frighten fellow Americans.

Talking about candidates for federal judgeships, Southern Baptist seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. said, ``We are not asking for persons merely to be moral. We want them to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.''

And on ABC's ``This Week,'' Pat Robertson reaffirmed his beliefs that liberal judges are more dangerous to America than anything for centuries, al-Qaeda included; that he's dubious about Muslims as judges; and that if he were president he'd allow only Christians and Jews in his Cabinet.
(via AP)

Nice to see the Republicans falling all over themselves to denounce these guys. Oh, that's not happening?

NOTE Here's the site of the CUNY conference. Interesting papers!

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