Thursday, May 05, 2005

Santorum's occcluded privatization front 

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What with being a leading proponent of the Cheney/Bush administration's scheme to divert Social Security funds to Wall Street, overturning Roe v Wade, and preventing homosexuals from undermining the very foundations of this great land, you'd think Ricky would have enough on his plate.

But no. Now he has, in a way, taken up Charles Dudley Warner's 108-year-old challenge: "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." Ricky doesn't propose to actually do anything about the weather, but he is determined to make sure that only certain people talk about it.


According to the Tribune-Review, The National Weather Services Duties Act of 2005, introduced by Ricky on April 14, would, if passed, "bar the National Weather Service from providing any service that competes with the private sector."

In other words, American taxpayers, whose dollars support the NWS, would not, if this wacky legislation were to become law, be able to obtain weather information from that source, because the same or similar service is provided by private weather forecasting companies such as AccuWeather, and the Weather Channel.

Uh oh!, MSNBC is reporting a broken fire hydrant in California, really, I'm not making this up, they even have dramatic helicopter video of the big event. Lots of water spraying around. Very exciting. CNN is half heartedly reporting on a couple of "explosions" in NYCity (fifty first and 3rd Ave) which appears to have maybe (or maybe not) have blown out the back window in an SUV parked in the vicinity of the Bristish consulate. Apparently no-one is dead or injured or really too scared at this point but nevertheless it's a potential eye-popper for the wowsers at both CNN (what isn't these days,) and now MSNBC. I'm sure they'll further refine some mini-drama later this morning.

UPDATE: MSNBC is now reporting that one of the "explosions" was an "echo." No wait, two explosions. No wait, one, no wait two, no wait.... Anyway, according to CNN, so far, the explosive event includes a "novelty-type grenade," an "improvised explosive device," a "toy," a "pineapple," a "lemon," etc... deposited in or near a "planter." That ought to keep the big rogue fire hydrant story buried under the fold. Even if MSNBC does have helicopter video footage. Ha ha. Tough luck MSNBC. Big Media News is a cutthroat racket. Okie dokie.

Hey, you there, wanna buy a barometric pressure reading?


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