Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Red State Values 

Even Red State folks here in Missouri don't like slashing Medicaid to the bone. (As Paul Krugman mentioned in a recent column, Missouri currently plans to eliminate the Medicaid program by 2008.) My Republican governor, Matt Blunt, has a 33% approval rating. 57% of Missourians disapprove of the job he is doing as Governor. According to Survey USA, of the 50 states, my governor's rating is 48th out of 50. Only two other Republican governors, Frank Murkowski of Alaska (27%) and Bob Taft of Ohio (19%) have lower approval ratings.

And, I remind you, this is in a state that pretty easily went for the Chimperor in November.

Now if only the idiotic voters in this state would just remember this sort of thing for more than ten seconds maybe we could turn out the morons in the legislature too.

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