Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh, That Again? 

Bush's plan to spread freedom and democracy has evidently convinced these beneficiaries of it:
"Four protesters were killed and more than 60 injured Wednesday in the eastern city of Jalalabad as the police and troops struggled to contain the worst anti-American demonstrations in Afghanistan in the more than three years since the fall of the Taliban.
Government officials said the violence appeared to have been planned and that religious hard-liners and armed men had usurped what had started as a student protest."
And what was it that prompted this display of Bushco solidarity? Well, nothing more than the very thing that the bovine American public yawns at every time some boring old story about it gets waggled in front of their sleepy eyes--frat hazing:
"The demonstrations were started on Tuesday by students angered by a report in Newsweek that American interrogators at the Guantánamo Bay detention center had desecrated the Koran by flushing a copy down the toilet.
It was unclear how the protesters got word of the report, but many Afghans receive their news from radio programs broadcast in local languages by Voice of America, the BBC and Radio Liberty, which often broadcast foreign news reports.
They carried banners condemning the reported sacrilege, chanted anti-American slogans and burned President Bush in effigy. The protest proceeded peacefully on Tuesday, but on Wednesday it suddenly turned violent, with hundreds of stone-throwing and stick-wielding demonstrators spreading across town. Soon they were breaking into compounds, smashing cars and setting buildings on fire."
Good grief! Gitmo again? Why don't these people get over it? Just because stories like this and this (damn that ACLU!) keep showing up doesn't mean Americans aren't serious about bringing freedom to their benighted little brown-skinned brothers and sisters.


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