Saturday, May 07, 2005

Of course your personal identity will be safe with RealID! 

(For more on RealID—the Republican's new RFID-enabled digital national ID—see back here.)

I mean, a RealID is a digital ID, so it would be almost impossible to steal!


Whoops! We Seem to Have Misplaced Your Identity
Iron Mountain [is] the dominating presence in the off-site data protection business. Its customers include more than three-fourths of Fortune 500 companies, and it had revenue of $1.82 billion last year, earned largely out of public sight as its unmarked vans shuttled among the back-office operations of its clients.

Last week, however, Iron Mountain lost the luxury of going about its rounds invisibly. Time Warner, one of its clients, disclosed that personal information - including names and Social Security numbers for 600,000 current and former employees - had gone missing six weeks earlier while in the care of an unnamed "leader in data storage."

Gee, this keeps happening, doesn't it?

The data had been, in fact, in an Iron Mountain van, and the few details about the incident that it and Time Warner have grudgingly divulged - such as the fact that the pick-up at Time Warner was 1 of 19 the van made bouncing around Manhattan on the fateful day - raise all sorts of questions.

To begin with, why would such sensitive information be handled less like a guard-this-with-your-life briefcase entrusted to Brinks than like a fungible bundle handed to the Dy-Dee Diaper Service? Why was the data unencrypted? And why were trucks involved at all?
(via the actually doing some reporting on this on Times)

Of course, RealID information is government information. So maybe I'm just being way too paranoid.

After all, there's no reason to believe that your RealID identity would ever be compromised, right?

I mean, just because you swiped your RealID at the airport wouldn't mean that the airlines would give your ID and your travel plans to the government! Oh, wait, that already happened...

Or just because your political affiliation and ID wer available digitally, that wouldn't mean that "overzealous volunteers" would use it to create blacklists! Oh, wait....

Or just because your political affiliation was known, that wouldn't mean you could be kicked out of your church! Oh, wait...

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