Saturday, May 07, 2005

More On Honoring Our War Dead 

As an extension to yesterday's post....

Don't miss T. Bogg's celebration of the government's reluctant decision that it is okay to show flag-covered coffins.

In case my recommendation of this not-to-be-missed post by Lance Manion got lost in my verbiage, here's another chance for you to read it.

I think the kids who died at Kent State some thirty-five years ago deserve to be considered as honorary war dead and The Heretik, in his own inimitable way, memorializes them here and here. Another don't miss; in fact I'd linked to them in a brilliant post on the actual anniversary day of Kent State only to have Blogger gobble it up without remorse before it could be born. (recognizing, of course, that such was Blogger's choice if it so chose)Thus, there is lots more up at The Heretik since these two posts; if you haven't been there in the last two days, just start here and start scrolling.

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