Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mebbe There's Hope (Of course there MUST be) 

Following up on our recent posts about deal-making and what Reid is up to, I see an article from Ruth Conniff over at The Progressive, wherein she thinks it’s all good. And she’s actually spoken to the Barbara Boxer…

There's reason to hope that the Republicans are cracking up. Barbara Boxer thinks so. I talked to her a few days ago in Washington--on the day the Republican leadership rejected Harry Reid's compromise to end the Senate filibuster standoff. It was "a perfectly reasonable compromise," said Senator Boxer, the combative hero of the left who is also friends with Senator Reid, the deal-making, pro-life leader of the Senate Democrats. Now, Boxer said, people are beginning to see how extreme the Republicans really are…

…We still don't know how the filibuster standoff will end. Will it be another Newt Gingrich government shutdown story--with the President looking good in the end? Or will the public look at DeLay's ethics rule changes, Frist's comments about Democrats being anti-Christian, and the rest of the excessively aggressive Republican team and fix blame on the overstepping Republicans in Congress? Judging from the gleam in Boxer's eye, I'd say it's looking like the latter option.

Meanwhile, more power to the Princeton students who are filibustering day and night outside Bill Frist's family's legacy building on campus. What the Democrats need now is a show of support from the rest of the public for standing firm and seizing the opening the Republicans are giving them.

I hope that Boxer eye-gleam is there because she knows something we don’t. Theocracy, powertripping, fearmongering, greed and septic tanks all smell very bad when exposed to the light. So, enjoy yourselves, GOP-thugs, while you can still keep the public in the dark. The day is coming (it has to be) when the light of reason will shine on your effluvia, and the voting public will run puking, either to the polls (if they can be trusted) or to grab their pitchforks and torches.

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