Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's Good To Dream (Sigh) 

(Associated Press, November 23, 2006) In a stunning reversal, both the Senate and House of Representatives are in control of the Democrats, along with a smattering of Greens, Libertarians and Independents. Twenty Republicans in both houses have formed a caucus and have switched parties, opting to become what they call “Eisenhower Republicans.” They plan to build coalitions with Libertarians, as their primary concern is with battling the neocon agenda, which seemed unbeatable in 2005. This leaves the original GOP with the smallest minority in both houses. The House and Senate majority leaders vowed that “immediate steps toward impeachment and indictments for breaches of international and domestic law” would be taken against the Bush administration. The administration has declined comment, saying that it was “looking into voting irregularities.”

These “irregularities” resulted when millions of voters shunned electronic voting devices and demanded paper absentee and provisional ballots and meticulous hand counts. This resulted in a protracted vote count and certification. In thousands of districts nationwide, crowds gathered outside clerk’s offices and county commission chambers with torches and pitchforks, demanding an accurate count.

Many believe that voters were angered by accounts in the newly aggressive media and in “blogs” that showed, among other things, widespread lies, abuses of power and voting scams on the part of the administration and GOP politicians. Whistleblowers in the GOP disgusted at what their party had become played a large part in this exposure.

The results in state and local races mirrored the national results. World leaders were quick to breathe a sigh of relief, offering to gather in a summit with “anybody but Bush” to hammer out an end to nuclear weapons, poverty and environmental degradation.

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