Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It... 

but there seems to be some kind of thing happening lately:
"Wilmington television station WWAY reported that Stowers found the finger in frozen custard he purchased Sunday night...
Stowers, who did not immediately return calls Monday from The Associated Press, told the station: "I thought it was candy because they put candy in your ice cream ... to make it a treat. So I said, 'OK, well, I'll just put it in my mouth and get the ice cream off of it and see what it is.'"
Stowers said he spit the object out, but still couldn't identify it. So he went to his kitchen, rinsed it off with water -- and "just started screaming."
The Agriculture Department subsequently closed the ice cream shop to clean and sanitize the place, as unapproved additives other than rodent feces and beetle legs are strictly prohibted.

All right, all right, so it's not some ground-breaking Seymour Hersh piece, but would you rather read this or Laura Bush's jokes?

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