Sunday, May 01, 2005

Goodnight, moon 

Crazy weekend. Ohio Republican (wouldn't you know it) official and Bush "pioneer" Tom Roe invests $50 million of worker's compensation money in rare coins (!) through a company he controls (!!), making himself a tidy little sum. And, oh yeah, Noe's company [cough] "lost" 121 of the coins in the mail. Seems an exotic way to launder money, but who am I to judge? Wonder who ended up with the coins? Diebold programmers? Republicans sure are are the people I want controlling my money!

Meanwhile, from Iraq we get the lovely picture of rogue mercenary procurer Custer Battles (love the name) taking $2 million away in a duffel bag from the CPA as startup money for a contract to protect the Baghdad airport. That worked out well, didn't it?

And poor Ken Salazar. Now that I know Colorado Springs, in his district, is the home of the Dominionists, I feel I can cut some more slack for the guy. He's got a lot of loons to cope with. And it does seem that Salaza calling the Dominionist James Dobson of 'Focus on the Family' the Antichrist raised a few eyebrows. Now Salazar is clarifying his remarks, saying "I regret having used that term ['Antichrist']. I meant to say this approach was unchristian, meaning self-serving and selfish."


For my money—whether the Republicans have invested it in rare coins, or taken it away in a duffel bag—Anti-Christ is, er, le mot juste.

And, oh yeah, when a pro-lifer asks a doctor for an abortion (yes, it happens, via Pandagon), should there be a conscience clause for the doctor? So they don't get sued later? Or have their head explode from the hypocrisy of it?

Wait, there's more! Can "Peter Whoriskey" truly be the name of a WaPo reporter? After "Jeff 'Looose' Gannon" you'd think he's want to change his name, too .... The Howler has a truly memorable takedown of Whoriskey gobbling Bush lies on Social Security. (Not distortions or deceptions or artful wording, mind you, but outright lies.)

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