Thursday, May 12, 2005

Exodus: To Eldorado! 

Warren Jeffs and his fundamentalist Elect go in search of fabulous wealth and opportunity - in Eldorado! Eldorado Texas that is.

"The biggest thing they are taught is obedience and to not question anything."

Read: Tempest in Texas - Racist cult 'prophet' Warren Jeffs is on the move, and a tiny West Texas town fears another Waco, By Susy Buchanan. (via the Southern Poverty Law Center)
'Obey the Prophet'
Short Creek is completely dominated by Jeffs. FLDS members control the city government, the police force, the schools, and every aspect of life.

"Obey the prophet when he speaks and you'll be blessed," Jeffs has said. "Disobey him and it's death."

In late 2004, Jeffs asked his disciples to stand if they would be willing to die for him. No one remained seated.

"He asked them would they die for him. Well, that's a veiled question," says Richard Holm, a former elder in the FLDS church who was excommunicated in 2003. "'Would you kill for me?' is the subtle question within that question."

In the two years since he became prophet, Jeffs has ordered all dogs shot; closed the town zoo; forbidden television, holidays, movies and music; banned laughter; forbidden swimming and water sports, and sent "God Squads" of young men to inspect residences and report any violations of his edicts.

Ya know, one might think that the cheeky limo-pampered wowsers over at CNN or MSNBC would be besides themselves with excitable glee over the possibilities this story presents. Everything from runaway child brides, underage sex, multi-million dollar real estate development, old time "traditional" patriarchal family values - and - Biblical Law in action! All unleashed for the greater glory of His invisible hand and the sacred vision of one Dear "God commanded" Leader! What more could the go-getter hell-poppers and culture warriors at CNN and MSNBC wish for? This story even involves Texas! Which, as you all know, is the horny cheerleaders gone wild state.

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) leader Warren Jeffs speaks his mind:
On Violence
"I want to remind you what the prophets have taught us, that whenever a man of God is commanded to kill another man, he is never bloodthirsty."

The End of the World
"For our God has a controversy with the nations, and He is about to stretch forth His hand and sweep the wicked off this land."

"Today the Lord rules over this people through President Jeffs, yet we're under the bondage of the gentiles here in America. Soon the Lord will overthrow our nation and the priesthood people will rule over this land because the priesthood people will be the only ones left."

"Your only survival will be to be lifted up. It will be the greatest earthquake ever to come on the earth. The great war before the earthquake will kill 2 billion and the earthquake will kill quite a bit of those that are left — besides diseases and other things."

"When we finally go to Zion, then another planet is going to crash into this earth."

Actually, as I recall, Debbie Norville (America's kindergarten teacher), reported on Warren Jeffs and his sainted Christian Nation cult a while back. But, alas, MSNBC disappeared her soon after that. And no follow-up ever ensued.

I'm sure Pat "Armies of Armageddon" Buchanan - or Joe banjo Scarborough - or Nancy "the Angel of Death Penalty" Grace, can make "common sense" of it all for US.


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