Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Et tu, John? 

McCain tries to compromise; Frist... Well, he can't compromise, can he? The theocrats own him.

Arizona Sen. John McCain privately urged fellow Republicans Tuesday to compromise with Democrats over President Bush's stalled judicial nominees, but Majority Leader Bill Frist countered by asking which of the controversial appeals court candidates should be jettisoned as part of a deal, according to officials familiar with the meeting.

Which should be jettisoned? How about the craziest? Of course, that might take some time to figure out...

With a Senate showdown looming, possibly as early as next week, Democratic leader Harry Reid publicly challenged Frist to allow GOP senators to "follow their consciences" when voting on a streamlined procedure for certain judicial nominations. "Senators should be bound by Senate loyalty rather than party loyalty on a question of this magnitude," he wrote.

[McCain] described Reid as a man of his word and said Republicans should trust reassurances he's made about any future Supreme Court appointments. Democrats want their right to filibuster judicial appointees as part of any compromise.
(via AP)

Seems like McCain won't be running for President of the Theocratic States of America, unlike Bill "Here Kitty" Frist...

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