Monday, May 09, 2005

Cable News Alert 

No, not what you were probably thinking.

It appears that Chris Matthews is doing some actual journalism this evening on "Hardball."

He's interviewing a young man and his mother, who, fearing reprisal, wish to remain anonymous, whose faces are not being shown to protect their identity.

The story they have to tell is about the circumstances under which the was "recruited" into the National Guard, in which he is still serving. Those circumstances involve intense pressure, on both the son, who was seventeen at the time of his recruitment and the mother, (who had to give permission for her son to enter the Guard), lies told, promises broken, and more. It's a story that is disturbing and heart-breaking.

I believe that "Hardball" is repeated at least twice after its initial broadcast, so you might want to tune in later tonight; the interview is at the top of the show.

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