Monday, May 09, 2005

Broadway Bound? 

Hey, the kids at Princeton have got together and they're puttin' on a show. A hit show. And they didn't even have no barn.

And at 313 hours, fifty minutes, and as...of...just...now, thirty-four seconds, it puts even the longest Peter Brooks production to shame.

It's essentially a drama, with comedic overtones, and melodramatic understones, and I think eventually, "Filibuster Frist" will make a great Broadway musical.

You can find out all about it here, and please do so, because what's happening at Princeton these days is...well, I think I'll let someone else tell you:
"...a whole elaborate setup, with a media archive, lists of upcoming speakers and events, links to filibusters at other campuses -- amazing.

Josh Marshall
Talking Points Memo
Hey, this is obviously a limited run, so hurry on over and get in on the fun.

I was reading a comments thread this weekend, sorry don't remember where, but someone was expressing sadness that we liberals weren't out on the streets, demonstrating, the way we did back in the good old sixties and seventies. Well, there was a lot to admire about those times, but activism takes many forms, what I think, as someone who came to adulthood in those olden times, is that we need to create, not recreate, an activism which suits the very different times we find ourselves in today. And if what's going on at Princeton is any indication, we shouldn't be despairing, we should be inspired.

We're going to need to be. I hear tell that Frist is going to drop that nukuler option on us Democrats any time now, maybe even this week, so we should be thinking now about who needs to be called, who needs to be emailed, who needs letters from constituents to let them know Americans disapprove of changing the rules in the middle of the game, and to let Democrats know that they needn't be afraid of that label, "obstructionists," but do need to hold their ground, and to use the space provided by the nuclear option to put forward, as Senator Reid has suggested they would do, a sample of what the Democratic legislative agenda would be if they weren't dealing with a ruling party that doesn't give a damn about what unites Americans, but only about what divides them.

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