Friday, May 06, 2005

Bring Me The Head Of Ricardo Sanchez! 

Can you tell I've been feeling shrill lately?
Well, is it any wonder when you see things like this:

"The Army announced that it demoted Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, whose Army Reserve unit was in charge of the prison compound during the period of abuse. Dropping her in rank to colonel required approval from President Bush, and officials said that he granted it on Thursday.
The Army also said it cleared three other, more senior generals of wrongdoing in the prisoner abuse cases, actions that had been previously reported but not publicly confirmed by the Army."
In the meantime:
"Among those cleared by the Army was Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who was the top Army general in Iraq at the time of the prisoner abuses. He has been faulted by some for leadership failures but has never been accused of ordering or sanctioning any abuse of prisoners.
The Army said it could not substantiate two allegations against Sanchez: dereliction in the performance of duties pertaining to detention and interrogation operations and improperly communicating interrogation policies."
The memos! the memos!!

This is so typical...a macro version of placing the blame on a few bad low-level apples. Now that the Army has a head on the pike representing the higher-ups, there will be no need to pretend to care anymore. Karpinski becomes the pelt on the barn wall for Army "justice."

I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it--she does. But she knows that she's being made the convenient scapegoat (and she's been screaming it from the rooftops), and there are so many bigger culprits who will escape because of this symbolic action. Like, say, Ricardo Sanchez, who is being sued by the ACLU for having "direct responsibility for the torture and abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody" , and Colonel Thomas Pappas, who commanded US military intelligence and police forces and is also being sued by the ACLU on behalf of torture victims because his "policies, patterns, practices, derelictions of duty and command failures caused Plaintiffs’ abuse."

Shrill? I not only want Sanchez on a platter, I want Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney surrounding him with decorative sprigs of dill and a drizzle of chipotle-ancho mayonnaise. Then I'll feed the whole thing to the pigs.

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