Monday, May 09, 2005

Alpo Accounts: Krugman nails Brooks's pasty, white... 

... jello-consistencied ... Oops, I promised to get more civil; my B.S.S. was spiking again. Yes, I know that's no excuse; I'll try to do better.

Anyhow, remember when David "I'm Writing as Bad as I Can" Brooks, Krautheimer, and other assorted winger media whores pundits were all atwitter about Inerrant Boy's new-found desire for progressive policies that really help the poor, as evidenced by His new and improved Social Security [cough] plan?

Why, that was just this Sunday! How long ago that seems.... Krugman:

The point is that the [Social Security] privatizers consider four years of policies that relentlessly favored the wealthy a fait accompli, not subject to reconsideration. Now that tax cuts have busted the budget, they want us to accept large cuts in Social Security benefits as inevitable. But they demand that we praise Mr. Bush's sense of social justice, because he proposes bigger benefit cuts for the middle class than for the poor.

Sorry, but no. Mr. Bush likes to play dress-up, but his Robin Hood costume just doesn't fit.
(via Times)

Brooks thinks we're all to stupid to look at the net. What a loser.

NOTE And speaking of "dress-up": Girly mandate.

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