Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Young Republican Retro Groove 

OK, who nailed Peggy Noonan at the YAF mixer!

[KEN] I still remember how much I disliked the studio sweetening by adding a fake laugh track and applause. I actually think it's an insult to the listener, especially since the mixing of the audience sounds is so unnatural and the fact that people are laughing hysterically at things that aren't funny without the benefit of nitrous oxide. The original title of the album was "Folk Songs to Bug the New Frontier" and it contained several direct references to President Kennedy. Following the assassination, Mark decided to re-do the album and rewrite some of the songs. It was at this point that Loudermilk bailed, so Mark produced the new session himself. As for the four guys, we were strictly performers and had almost no creative input to the overall concept.

"Studio sweetening", fake laughter and applause? Shocking. Republicans would never pull a stunt like that these days.
KEN: The album was promoted to Republican organizations, Goldwater clubs and other groups such as "The Young Americans for Freedom."


KEN: I have played the album for very few people. I have had entire relationships, including marriage, where the other person has no idea of this part of my life.

Good thinking Ken. Best let, the Other Ken, do all the talkin'.

Bug the liberals... Give this beautiful, multi color long play album to one of your liberal "friends."

Pokes fun at the foibles of the Left Wingers.

Cuba, Bobby, the Other Bobby, Stereos, The Doll House, Gold Reserve, Welfare State, Foreign Aid, National Debt, Managed News, Pinkos, A.D.A., Harvard, C.I.A.... ad infinitum.

It's all in the groove designed to keep you chuckling for hours.

Yupper, a regular fountain of grooves. "National Debt" seems to have made a big comeback. But Managed News is still my favorite! That one will no doubt give Judy Woodruff goose bumps and reduce Candy Crowley to a pool of wet quivering suet. Set that chucklehead Wolf Blitzer's battery pack to a-smokin' too. Yee gads.

Listen in for yourself (those Gold-Sweater days of yesteryear): Atomic Platters


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