Tuesday, April 19, 2005

YABL, YABL,YABL: "I am President of everybody" 

Mega megalomaniac. Honestly, does He ever listen to himself? (Well, no. He can't listen to Himself and the voice from the earpiece at the same time.)

Anyhow, it's rare to get such a combination of sheer wrongness, shameless lying, and wilful delusion all in one paragraph, but here it is. Be sure to put down your coffee first:

[BUSH] I am the president of everybody.

1. Everybody? Like the whole world?
2. If Bush is the President of everybody, how come only True Believers can get tickets to the Partei rallies on the Social Security phase out?

[BUSH] Of course...

It's The Bush Tell (back)! Whenever Bush says "of course," He's lying! (thanks to reportage by the Amazin' Froomkin).

...I'm worried about gasoline prices.

Really? Why? Your oil patch buddies are going just fine!

And a high price of crude drives the price of gasoline. Listen, I've been talking to Congress for three or four years now about getting a plan in place, getting a bill to my desk, that reflects a comprehensive energy plan.
(via MSNBC)

Oh. My. God. The Energy Plan. The one Bush went to court to keep secret? The one where the parts we did see had a map of Iraq's oil fields? Yeah, that plan.

Say... If Bush has all that political capital—the Bush mandate from the "election"—why isn't he using it to get that plan passed? "I've been talking to Congress for three or four years..." Damn pitiful.

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